Monday, 14 November 2016

Statistics survey

 Description: we have a market day coming up our whole school is doing it and we are All excited our teacher wanted to do a survey which will also help us with our math. Charlotte w and I decided that we would do a survey about market day to find out what good to make so you get a good profit here are our results we found out that most people would buy decorations thats for there animals of xmas, we had a question about what toy would you buy on market day the results were big soft toy and clay creations, also what food would you buy on market day pizza gummies food craft or a sauaege sizzle if you are doing a market day then those questions will hopefully help you so then you can money 

Evaluation: I think that this math was really awesome it really helped me with my statistics I think that I should do this on my parents to get to know them better 😁

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