Thursday, 31 March 2016

Having a chat about learning

Today I met ally from massy she is really nice

writing to pursade licked

decription: the teacher read a book and it was called liked and we wrote every thing down that was about the story and then we made a story and this is my result:

You should read liked because it is the best book ever and you will never forget it, it will always be in the back of your head. These are some of the charters from the story. so there the dad he ABSOLOTLY HATES FLYS. There's the son he doesn't want to eat nicely so he doesn't. There's the boss he hates kids and he is posh and rich. And there is the mum she is just make the tea. Once you have read this book you should should annoy your dad. 
Evaluation : it was hard to remember the whole story.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


I found that quit hard because it did not save and then I had to restart it but it was really fun
Feedback/feedfoward: I like how you named the people in your family and asked your parents about it next time you can it bigger 
all of potama did there big family tree and we useed family echo it was really helpful.

Camp Eportfolio

One day we did camp and it was really fun and we did some activities some of them wer the water slide,kayak,horse riding and lots more we even got to have a camp fire and had toasted marshmallows we had cabins I had ten people in each cabin it was to try and go to sleep

Feedfoward/feedback: I like how you photos are clear but next time you could make the photos so they are the right way so there easy to read. Jake 

I think that I need to work on trying to take the photo not wonky 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

one word portfolio sample

Description: We are going to camp soon and we are going to make some goals from our one word and my word is integrity and these are my goals to be a role model and making sure that I am safe and my stuff is safe.

Feedback/Feedfoward: I think it is cool because you managed to put an owls nest of your R. and i think that you could make your words BIGGER. Jacob

Evaluation: I found that sitting in a right spot was tricky and I found thinking about it was easy. I think I made a good job doing my one word and it is clear but next time I might need some more time and to make sure that my it is better than it can be.

camp goals

we are going to camp in a few weeks and we had to make some goals for camp