Sunday, 3 April 2016

Eportfolio writing from camp

Feedback/feedfoward: I like how you described next time do more writing Shrawan
I think I did really well with my writing and I think that next time i should make my writin a little bit bigger 
desription: we went on camp and it was really fun and when we got back we all had a big of what we could do and I had picked what is actually behind the girls cabins. And this what my writing turned out like.

What is behind the girls cabins

In Poplar lodge there were six very noisy cabins that girls lived in for a few nights. It was the ridiculous cabin 2. DUN DUN DUN!!! Our cabins were so messy that we had drenched togs on the floor and our beds weren’t made. At night time we would talk about girl stuff that boys would not want t, this was kind of like a party in your cabin. Now I hope you know now what is actully behind the girls cabin. Have you ever been to camp

By Renae