Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Portfolio sample handwriting

We are doing handwriting at school firstly we grab a poem and set the time to five minutes and write down what's on the poem 

Portfolio sample spelling

We had our 300 hundred word spelling test I think that I did really well and I tried my hardest and next time I am going to try and get 300 - 300 😐😋
Feedback feedfoward: Welldone. Great goal setting. Maybe next time you could say how you are going to reach your goal.  Rachelle 

What I do with my reading

This is how my reading works. Firstly I read my book, then I write what the title of the book is and the authors name. I also give the book a rating from 1 - 5, 5 is the highest.  I think that this really helps me with my reading because by the end of the year I feel proud of how many books I have read and I have a record of those books. 

Monday, 30 May 2016

Maths portfolio post

Today I reflected on my math that I have being learning this term. This is how we worked out our fractions to this problem. I worked it out with Charlotte w and maria what we had to work out was how many the quarter fifth and tenth were worth. evaliation i think that this math problem was very hard and i am proud of me and my group.
feedback feedforward : Welldone on solving the math problems. I think I would of struggled to solve them. I like how the materials you used helped it make sense. I think you could work on putting capital letter in the right places when you are writing about your posts. Rachelle

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Science experiment

Description  : I did an experiment to see what is in wind. Firstly I got two ice cream container lids. and then I put some vaseline on one side and smeared it over the lid. Then I attached a piece of string to the lid, and hang them outside, one on the washing line and the other one on a tree up high. And then I waited over night to see what would stick to the vaseline. In the morning I brought the lids inside and examined them with a magnifying glass.  I found tiny bits of  leaves and a little bit of dirt on them.
We also looked at the sky and investigated the clouds. Everyday we took a photo of the clouds and worked out what sort of clouds they were. We also made a barometer so we could measure the air.

Feedback feedforward:  I liked the way you explained clearly your whats in clouds experiment.  If I wanted to do that experiment I would know exactly what to do.

Evaluation: I think the experiment was really fun and interesting. I learnt what is wind and now I know the names of clouds.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Math this week

This my math it gets challenging the more levels you do it is really hard I am on  48

Sunday, 1 May 2016