Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Writing post ( food olympics)

description: we have these work shops with different teachers who work on one thing about writing that you mostly are bad at. I work with troy. And what we did was watched a video about tennis balls and how there made and then in our writing books we have to write down what comes in mind so I did it and now my story is called the food olympics where food does the olympics...... so I hope you enjoy my story.

feedback/feedforward:i like the big ring it a lot of boom in the story. Azahra h

Evaluation: I think that I am very proud of my story and that this is probably my best story this term.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Kapa haka video

description: every monday we do kapa haka which is where you sing   songs and you perform at the regent  think it is great to have kapa haka because you get to relax and have fun and hang out with your friends 
evaluation  I think that kapa haka is really fun and it is a good idea to do it if I was you next time i should
feedback/feedfoward i agree that you do relax and have fun  next time write more  Rachelle 

Monday, 22 August 2016

maths post (measurement)

Today and past the few weeks in math we have being focusing on measurement and I am really good
at math now because of that I can move up quicker if you read my slide it will tell you more information and also my teahers are awesome for teaching me all this new stuff that i never knew before :) :p

feedback/feedfoward : I think that it helped me too and but next time just say more information. Azahara

Evaluation: that this math was really fun but next time I am going to try and get more workshops so I get even better

book buddies

Description: This term we have just started book buddies. And it is where our teachers pick a buddy for you that you would work good together and then there is a table full of books that your buddies pick I got charlotte w. She is really nice. We are reading the pet war my book is really interesting and if you read my slide you might just want to read it.

feedback/feedfoward: i think that slide is really good but next time right a little bit more description

evaluation: i think that i put blood sweat and bone in my slide and then it turned out really good

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Panekiretanga post

This term we have a goal for every term and this term it is panekiretanga which means showing excellence in our learning, actions, and think and act. I think that i show panekiretanga because i am nice and i show excellence i hope you enjoy

feedback/feedfoward: Great work on your slide Renae I shows that you do a lot on excellence I love your examples of Excellence you do at home school and piano classes, keep it up. Next time you could choice a different quote because what makes a strong team is with people working together.Hannah G

evaluation: i think that i did a good slide and that my quote is a good pick