Sunday, 18 September 2016

Portfolio sample kappa haka

Description: we did kappa haka again at the Regent and at school and it was really nerve racking but we did in the I think the band was really good and our new song that we had created it was to do with the hall of fame I love kappa haka and I want to do it next year Performing at school Live performance
Feedback/ feedback feed forward: good job Renae I liked your description but make it longer 😎💩 Gaby😎💩
Evaluation: I agree with Gaby to make my description bigger and I loved the performance at school and at the regent

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Renae's portfolio sample Art

description: We did some art it took a us a few months to create it but we got it done to a high stantard. And we did a good job in that time that we had. It was really fun because we made a slide to help us with our technique. I think it worked very well I would recommend to do this fun art and have a fun time with your friend and the you can hang it up on the wall and look at your art every time you wake up.


feedback/feedforward: I like how you tell a story about your life and next time you should do the targets. Azahra h

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Toy challenge

My nephew is going on a long flight to the UK.  He loves animals.  On the plane, he needs something that he can play with and keep him occupied in a small space.  The pieces have to be able to be stored flat in a snaplock bag that can go in his pocket.  

3 possibilities to prototype are:

I have chosen Prototype #1   because: it is a very good idea and that it has got zoo animals that he loves so I am going to make a a

My first prototype: (This needs to be detailed enough so that someone else can make it)

Tester 1's Feedback and Recommendations: Juven
I really liked: that you didn't print a photo that is to easy so that it takes longer
A recommendation I have is: that next time you could print the picture depending on the age beacuse it looks a bit to hard for a year 4.
Based on my tester's feedback, the changes I want to make are: